Newsletter: Pensioenfonds De Fracties becomes a 'dormant' pension fund from 1 march 2022

feb 17, 2022

From 1 March 2002, Pensioenfonds De Fracties becomes a so-called 'dormant' pension fund. BLC has terminated the administration agreement and decided to transfer pension accrual to PGB. All pensions accrued up to 1 March 2022 will be 'non-contributory' from that date. 'Non-contributory' means that from 1 March 2022 no further pension accrual can take place via the pension fund. After 1 March 2022, you will receive a statement from Dion about the level of these non-contributory pension entitlements. Existing pensions will continue to be paid by the pension fund. The fund will also start paying benefits if someone retires.

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